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 17.07.92 - Washington DVD Master

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uns N Roses
07 17 1992
RFK Stadium
Washington DC


This is my last upload. Wasn't even gonna bother uploading but it was already on the hard drive. What the hell. I know that the "grief-bringers" are gonna say that this is not "uncirculated". The master clone has never been circulated. In fact, a 1st gen has never been circulated.

This show was gen'd before it was let out the first time shortly after the show. I gave a friend a copy and he made a 2nd gen copy of his 1st gen then sold the copies of the 2nd gen in Goldmine Magazine. What an asshole.

The show is one of the worst I filmed. Its a bit shakey and distant. That's not to say the vid isnt good. I'd say its comparable to the other stadium shot Illusions shows. I thought the sound was pretty good. Some of the show is screen shot, some is the back of peoples heads, some crotches.... the rest stage. Matt Sorum is very cut off. I remember this show as being hot as fuck and Guns came on super late (as was the case so much back then). Didnt film Metallica or Faith No More.

Also, the encores were not filmed as I got busted by members of GNR road crew. Had to jump over the rail of the portal to escape with what I had. How they found me is still a mystery to this day. I figure someone had to snitch on me.

Source: Aud
Lineage: Sony TR7->TDK HS 120->firewire->JVC S/A->here

Thanks to DeucePro for doing the transfer on this.

Sorry, no trades although that may change sometime in the near future as I have finally began getting a list together.

There is probably artwork out there as this has circulated as a high gen.


•It's So Easy
•Mr. Brownstone
•Live And Let Die
•Bad Obsession
•Double Talkin' Jive
•Civil War
•Patience With Wild Horses Intro
•Welcome To The Jungle
•Axl Rose Piano Solo
•November Rain
•Matt Sorum Drum Solo
•Slash Guitar Solo
•Godfather Theme
•Sweet Child O' Mine with Sail Away Sweet Sister and The One (Intro)
•You Could Be Mine
•Knockin' On Heaven's Door with intro of Only Women Bleed (Bob Dylan cover)

Estranged (not filmed)
Paradise City (not filmed)


Screen shots will follow.

Please do not upload to other torrent sites until it is dead on Dime as I have plans of doing so.

Créditos: Giovani
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17.07.92 - Washington DVD Master
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